What data does the Phoenix Aircraft Monitor collect?

The Phoenix Aircraft Monitor collects, stores and transmits position and usage on a periodic basis as well when certain events are triggered.


The device will collect and log data from the following sensors:

Using the data from these sensors, our algorithms can determine the following characteristics of the aircraft:


The Phoenix records and stores usage only when the aircraft engine is on or when the device is in SOS mode.  This data is stored internally at a rate of one point every 30 seconds. When an event occurs (such as a landing), the device will store the sensor data at a rate of one point every second for 5 seconds before the event started and for 5 seconds after the event ended.

The internal memory is capable of storing 10,000 reporting points which under typical usage allows it to record approximately 50 flight hours of data. The contents of the internal memory can be retrieved using our app on most Bluetooth LE capable smartphones or tablets.

The following data is stored in these reporting points:


Date and time the point was recorded

Battery level

Is the battery level low

In Flight

Is the aircraft in flight

Engine On

Is the engine on


Excessive G Excessive pitch / roll Excessive climb / descent



Unexpected restart

Device powered off in flight




Latitude at a 6 decimal precision value


Longitude at a 6 decimal precision value


Calculated ground speed


Calculated Bearing


True altitude above sea level


Vertical speed


-127 to 127 C


Pitch angle of the aircraft


Roll angle of the aircraft


The Phoenix Aircraft Monitor transmits aircraft condition and usage information over satellite when the aircraft is in use. There are four types of messages the device uses to communicate. These messages are transmitted on a 5 minute interval.

Departure - Sent when the aircraft engine is started up and has been running long enough for the engine timer to tick over 0.1 hours (3 minutes).

In-route - Sent when the aircraft is in-route without any events

Event - Sent if there if an event occurs, this message will be sent instead of the In-route message.

Arrival - Sent when the aircraft engine is shutdown after a flight operation which has been at least 0.1 hours long (3 minutes) .