with the Canairy™ Cockpit Monitor
The Canairy™ Cockpit Monitor is a flight data recorder for general aviation aircraft. The device installs in minutes and monitors your aircraft for months. Stop managing your aircraft by hand and start doing it on demand with the Canairy™ Cockpit Monitor.


On a single charge, the Canairy™ Cockpit Monitor passively monitors, logs or reports the following conditions for over 60 flights hours:

  • Position: latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity and bearing
  • Environment: temperature, humidity, cabin pressure and carbon monoxide concentration
  • Airframe: engine time, air time, G-forces, pitch, roll and landing cycles


When the aircraft is in use, the Canairy™ Cockpit Monitor communicates its position, usage and environment over a satellite relay to our cloud based applications.


Our web and smartphone applications allow you to access aircraft usage records from anywhere, making aircraft management a breeze.

  • Location tracking allows you to always know where your aircraft is and where it has been.
  • Automatic logbook generation creates a complete log of each flight including weather, engine and air time.
  • Maintenance tracking ensures your aircraft is maintained and airworthy.
  • Reports summarize the usage of an aircraft.
  • SOS features let people on the ground know there is a problem in the air.

Get to know your aircraft better.
Service starts at $25/month

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