How does the SOS feature work?

The Phoenix Monitor features an SOS system to allow the pilot in the air to indicate that there is a problem in flight to those on the ground.  

The SOS system provided by Airbly DOES NOT contact search and rescue on your behalf.  You should ensure that users of the aircraft are properly informed how the feature works and what they can expect from it.

To activate the SOS feature, tap the Blue button on the side of the unit 5 times quickly. The status indicator will flash Red to indicate the unit is in SOS mode.

To disable/cancel an SOS, you can either tap the Blue button on the side of the unit 5 times quickly or power the unit off by holding down the button for 5 seconds. The status indicator will stop flashing Red to indicate you are no longer in SOS mode.

When SOS mode is activated, the device will begin sending position reports tagged as SOS messages every 5 minutes over satellite.  Airbly’s system will then send an email notification every time an SOS message is received to any enabled user accounts configured to receive SOS messages in the organization.