How do I configure the Phoenix Aircraft Monitor?

The Phoenix Aircraft Monitor typically is shipped to you pre-configured with settings that are design to work with the aircraft you specified when you placed your order.  There are times however where you may want to adjust these settings to better suit your operations.  The following values can be configured:





To adjust these settings you will need to :

Inside of the app, go into the "Groups page" and then select the "Devices" tab.  You will see a list of devices you have access to.  If the Bluetooth indicator is lit (please allow 10 seconds for it to be detected) you can select that device for configuration.


The App will now attempt to connect to the device.  This process may take a few seconds.  You will know you are connected when the large orange bar disappears.  


After you are connected, scroll down to the "Device Settings" section and click on the Pencil icon to make changes.


You will see a device settings screen with the options we described above.  Adjust them as needed and then click "Save" to write the changes to the device.